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Education is the part of your life which is directed to personal development through study and practice. Our attention is directed on giving you knowledge and skills, necessary to the specialty you have chosen.

Highly qualificated teacher stuff of our college and individual support of every student guarantee success in learning. 

You all put before itself aims that wish to attain. And when arrive at a next result, in this moment triumph it is very important to share the gladness with surrounding people! We want to be together with you, be glad for you, be proud of Your successes and achievements!  

  • Language is a means of friendship

     In the Ekibastuz College of Innovative University of Eurasia within the framework of the Day of Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 5 to 20 September, the month "Language is a tool of friendship" was held.

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  • Results of open common Kazakhstan dictation on the theme «Astana is the world's cradle»

    In paragraph 48 of the event plan for the realization of Development Concept of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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  • Elderly Day in Ekinou

    Report on the International Day of Older persons in EKIneU


             October 1 is the international day of Older persons. This holiday gives an excellent opportunity to express deep respect and say warm words of gratitude to all the elderly people for their conscientious work, for their great life experience, kindness, wisdom.

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  • conference on the results of industrial practice




    19.03.2018 G. held a conference on the results of the manufacturing practice group, P-325, occupation: 0201000 "Law" under the guidance of a teacher Kasenova Sarah Kolbaeva.

          The theme of the conference "we have chosen the road to the future...".

          The conference was attended by specialists of production.
          Students-trainees presented reports on the practice held at the enterprises:


         - The city court of the city of Ekibastuz,

         - The administrative court of the city of Ekibastuz

         - SE " education Department of akimat of Ekibastuz»  

         - "Nur Arlany" LLP in Pavlodar

         - Tson G. ekibastuza

         - The Prosecutor's office in Ekibastuz

         - ATC GUP Ekibastuz (juvenile)

         - Justice of Zhelezinka area

         - The Prosecutor's office of Petropavlovsk


         During the conference, students shared their impressions about the practice, about their work in various structural units of the enterprise, told about what new professional skills they received, what problems they solved in the course of practice.

         Were the best records of the following students: Gateway Karina, Orazalinova alia, Darovoe SAI, Egeubayeva Kamila, Eginbaeva Dianne.




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