Elnur Zhanbyrbai group P-125 KMS to corep Kazan

Teise Vladimir.

the group ESIS-225 Master of sports in weightlifting
Has 8 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 2 bronze medals
13 certificates of the championship of Kazakhstan, diplomas of 11 regional competitions, 23 diplomas of city competitions

Akhtanov Diana

The regional Olympics in Pavlodar 3 gold medals 2016-2017
intercity basketball tournament - 2 gold medals 2015
the inter-regional basketball tournament 2014 - gold medal
regional games athletics 1 bronze 2017

Bekbulatov Darkhan

wrestling kazaksha kures and mixed martial arts
regional tournament Pavlodar 2016 3rd place
Republican tournament on judo Ekibastuz 2nd place
2 category 2016
Cmsplugin 2017
Pavlodar 2017 mixed martial arts 3rd place

Kaimov Akhmad

grappling, mixed martial arts
3rd place in the regional tournament grappling
1st place city tournament grappling Ekibastuz
1st place city tournament karate Pavlodar
3rd place city tournament judo Kalkaman

Erzhanov Dastan

wrestling, mixed martial arts
3rd place in the city wrestling tournament
2nd place in the regional tournament Pankration


Krasnov Anna

g Esip-321 (GRADUATED)
Mountaineering. 1,2,3 places. Adult category. Participant of national competitions.


Carla Erlan (GRADUATED)

g CCA-311. Wrestling KMS 

Petrenko Olga. Wrestling MS (GRADUATED)
Musanova Sabina. Wrestling KMS (GRADUATED)
Shlykova Julia. Freestyle Wrestling (GRADUATED)
Shokparov Rinat. CCM box (GRADUATED)

Makhambetov Alibek gr. VTiPO-421 (GRADUATED)
3 PLACE International tournament in memory of M.Chegeev Ust-Kamenogorsk Multiple prize-winner of the republican tournament in memory of K.Pshmbaev
2 PLACE Republican tournament against drugs of Astana city
2 PLACE International Tournament of the memorial of Nikolai Anyukhin and Anatoly Khmelev, Omsk
1 PLACE Spartakiad schoolchildren Pavlodar
2 PLACE International Tour of the MS of the USSR B. Tashmetova Taraz
1 LOCATION All-Russian Tournament in Orenburg


Makhambetov Islam (ES-410) (GRADUATE)
Makhambetov Islam champion and prize-winner of national and international tournaments (Es-410)