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«Өлең қалсын ақын Арман Қаниден»


  The creative evening dedicated to the anniversary of the poet and social activist Arman Kani «Өлең қалсын ақын Арман Қаниден» took  place in the Musical school named after Yestay. Akim of Ekibastuz Ashimbetov N.K., public figures, poets and admirers of his work came to congratulate the poet.


       The students of Ekibastuz College of Innovative University of Eurasia actively participated in the event. Future teachers Amangeldinova Akbota, Mirzabaev Marbek, Magasheva Zhuldyz, Orazbayev Bekarys, Aliakparov Azamat read the works of the poet called «Ата жұрт», «Егіз әуен, екі жұрт», «Едірей баурайында», «Аттану». Poems of Arman Kani and Almagul Zhugunusova «Мұңдасу» и «Сыр ашу»  were read by a student of our college Tanatar Oralkhan and  a young specialist of school-gymnasium №22 Arymbekova Fariza.

        Pavlodar region is proud of its talented son - poet and journalist Arman Kani. These days a member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan turned 65 years old.


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